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The Stradale

This is a unique replica of the 1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale: one of the rarest cars in the world. I was tasked with making it roadworthy by designing, fabricating, sourcing and fitting parts.

Hi-Fi Rally Intercom

Disappointed with the high cost and poor audio quality of commercially available automotive intercoms, I developed a superior analog intercom circuit, forming part of a DIY PCB kit.

The Exocet

I built this lightweight Exocet kit-car (shared 50:50 with a friend) during summer breaks from university. I worked on every aspect of the car from general mechanical work and welding to implementing a full custom wiring loom.

Doodle (Android App)

Doodle was a fun weekend project, experimenting with Android app development. It required a novel user interface including vector-based drawing canvas and spinning style selectors, using separate threads for responsiveness.

Custom Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier

This Hi-Fi amplifier was built from scratch into a custom aluminium/brass enclosure. It follows a well-known Class-A circuit design, modified to suit the available components. It was a useful exercise in mains-voltage and analog electronics.


Microscheme was my undergraduate final-year project. It is a compiler for the Scheme functional programming language, targeting Arduino microcontrollers. My paper on it was published, and it is now open-source.

USB Morse Key

In order to practice morse code, I incorporated a microcontroller into this original WW2 morse key, and programmed it to work as a plug-and-play USB keyboard, translating morse code pulses into ASCII text.


Using a simple 16-LED PCB, custom enclosure, a microcontroller and some isolating electronics, I made this formula-1-style graph display that can be wired into most cars and interpret an existing tachometer signal.

Framework IDE

For my A-level computing coursework I created a sophisticated drag-and-drop programming environment for Pascal and C. This software was subsequently purchased by the school, and used in teaching other computing students.

Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

This is a hybrid headphone amplifier, using a valve (vacuum tube) voltage gain stage, and a solid state driver stage. I built it in order to learn about analog electronics, and to enjoy music on some high-impedance headphones.


As part of a team of five people, I lead the development of this cross-platform mobile app intended to provide London housing data for students in a visually novel way, integrated with the Google Maps API for commute-time estimates.

RC Engine

I restored this old two-stroke lawn strimmer engine, and converted it for large-scale remote-controlled aeroplane use. The rest of the plane was never completed, but it makes for an exceptionally powerful desk fan.