Ryan Suchocki  —   Engineering, electronics and software projects

I am a graduate computer scientist with extensive interests in electronics, engineering and mathematics. Since childhood, much of my spare time has been spent disassembling, building and repairing machines, electronic circuits and software. This website is a showcase of my projects in each of those fields. My main academic interests are programming language design, implementation and optimisation, with particular focus on functional programming. When I am not pursuing technical interests, I am a keen rower, cyclist, self-taught pianist, photographer and cook.

This website is designed to provide a showcase of my work, but you can also download an old-fashioned   Curriculum Vitæ.

The Stradale

This is a unique replica of the 1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale: one of the rarest cars in the world. I was tasked with making it roadworthy by designing, fabricating, sourcing and fitting parts. Read More…

Hi-Fi Rally Intercom

Disappointed with the high cost and poor audio quality of commercially available automotive intercoms, I developed a superior analog intercom circuit, forming part of a DIY PCB kit.

The Exocet

I built this lightweight Exocet kit-car (shared 50:50 with a friend) during summer breaks from university. I worked on every aspect of the car from general mechanical work and welding to implementing a full custom wiring loom.

Doodle (Android App)

Doodle was a fun weekend project, experimenting with Android app development. It required a novel user interface including vector-based drawing canvas and spinning style selectors, using separate threads for responsiveness.

Custom Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier

This Hi-Fi amplifier was built from scratch into a custom aluminium/brass enclosure. It follows a well-known Class-A circuit design, modified to suit the available components. It was a useful exercise in mains-voltage and analog electronics.


Microscheme was my undergraduate final-year project. It is a compiler for the Scheme functional programming language, targeting Arduino microcontrollers. My paper on it was published, and it is now open-source. Read More…

USB Morse Key

In order to practice morse code, I incorporated a microcontroller into this original WW2 morse key, and programmed it to work as a plug-and-play USB keyboard, translating morse code pulses into ASCII text.


Using a simple 16-LED PCB, custom enclosure, a microcontroller and some isolating electronics, I made this formula-1-style graph display that can be wired into most cars and interpret an existing tachometer signal.

Framework IDE

For my A-level computing coursework I created a sophisticated drag-and-drop programming environment for Pascal and C. This software was subsequently purchased by the school, and used in teaching other computing students.

Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

This is a hybrid headphone amplifier, using a valve (vacuum tube) voltage gain stage, and a solid state driver stage. I built it in order to learn about analog electronics, and to enjoy music on some high-impedance headphones.


As part of a team of five people, I lead the development of this cross-platform mobile app intended to provide London housing data for students in a visually novel way, integrated with the Google Maps API for commute-time estimates.

RC Engine

I restored this old two-stroke lawn strimmer engine, and converted it for large-scale remote-controlled aeroplane use. The rest of the plane was never completed, but it makes for an exceptionally powerful desk fan.